Lip Think Press

Genius J’s Almanack

Comic book anthology of short stories in a variety of genres. 

Genius J’s Almanack of Graphical Wonderment

In this substantial, full-colour 52-page tome ye shall find a spectacular variety of stories to shock, fright, confound and delight! Tall tales are woven of love! War! Life! Death! Science and its Fiction! Westerns! Monsters! Magicks! Mystery! And other such silly nonsense! There is Something for Everyone and Nothing for No-one, and it makes an excellent Lining for all manner of Gilded Cage containing Fowl or other Winged Creatures.

Written by: James Andrew Clark.

Illustrated by: Dave Wachter, Enzo Pertile, Victor Cabanelas, Art Grafunkel, Jason Whitley, Bill Koeb, Chris Fason, Josh Hagler, and Jonathan Rector.

Published by Lip Think Press in conjunction with Dial R Studios.

Buy volumes 1 and 2 from Indy Planet.